One Season Productions produces (and promotes films) to educate and elucidate on matters of the earth — on the profound impact of sound management processes and the ecological legacy we leave for generations to come.

In production

One Season Productions is currently working on the production of a documentary film showcasing the work of Allan Savory, of the Savory Institute in Boulder, Co and Zimbabwe. The film is a biography and aims to generate interest in the unique land management practices of the Savory Institute among environmental agencies, ranchers and farmers, and conservationists. ​​

One third of the earth’s surface is covered by grasslands, 70% of which have been denuded and are turning into desert (a phenomenon called desertification) at breakneck speed thanks to the crippling effects of poor land management and agricultural policies. Desertification results in widespread poverty, water and food insecurity, and climate change. In an effort to reverse these detrimental effects, the Savory Institute has pioneered a process of reviving grasslands suffering from desertification back to vibrant, healthy life, billed Holistic Management. Utilizing Holistic Management processes in various parts of the globe has resulted in soil regeneration, increased biodiversity and environmental productivity, and has improved social and economic health for communities. The film is a testament to the enduring efforts of Allan Savory to understand the intricate complexities of nature and find innovative ways to balance social, environmental, and financial outcomes, so that people and their environments exist in a fruitful symbiosis.

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