About Us

One Season Productions represents the collaborative passions of Eric Adler, Kit Thomas and Téana David, a dynamic producing team who care deeply about the environmental challenges faced by our planet.

Eric Adler


Eric Adler founded One Season Productions to educate the public that habitat regeneration can begin in as quickly as One Season. Most people are aware that our planet is in a free fall from ever-increasing environmental degradation. However, most people likely are not aware that we have all the information to begin to correct this. We can get rivers to run clean again, heal our oceans and seas, grow crops with abundance on regenerating soils, and turn lands that are now desertified back into thriving, healthy grasslands. Whole regions that once had healthy agricultural bases are now impoverished and characterized by social breakdowns and violence. This can be reversed with the implementation of simple regeneration practices.  Finally, he created One Season Productions to alter the course of the proverbial asteroid that is bearing down on the planet sure to cause our demise which people call “Global Warming,” “Climate Change,” “Climate Crises” or “Self Annihilation due to total environmental loss.” Eric believes we can turn this around by making holistic decisions that are ecologically, economically and socially sound leading us toward a life that is not only more humanitarian and sustainable, but more rewarding and enjoyable as well.

Kit Thomas


Known for his impactful approach to cinematic storytelling, Kit Thomas has received numerous awards including an Oscar-nomination for his film, Burning Down Tomorrow, which was commissioned by Sting to raise awareness about the global rainforest crisis. He co-produced and directed the multiple Emmy-winning TV special, Spaceship Earth: Our Global Environment, which aired on the Disney Channel for twelve consecutive years, and developed and co-produced the award-winning Earth Communication Office PSA campaign, which was aired by Discovery Channel Int’l in 53 countries, honored at the Cannes Film Festival, and has been seen by over two billion people worldwide.

Téana David


As the co-founder of Wise Planet Media, Téana David writes, produces, and directs projects that positively impact society. Before relocating to California in 2019 she served as the director of Deepak Chopra’s NYC center, Deepak HomeBase, where she curated and produced a year-round lecture series featuring over three hundred prominent environmental, social justice, and spiritual leaders. Currently the co-director of the online video library, Circle of Wisdom, Téana curates and interviews visionaries and activists ranging from indigenous elders to emerging young leaders. She holds an MFA from Naropa University where she studied playwriting, production, and performance. She has also trained in Soil Advocacy with Kiss The Ground, and in Herbal Medicine in the Wise Woman Tradition.